Fashion Fictions world-writing workshop: 15 December 2020

Do you feel frustrated by the waste, injustice and stress of today’s fashion system?Have you ever wondered whether we could find better ways of living with clothes?

The Fashion Fictions project brings people together to generate, experience and reflect on engaging fictional visions of alternative fashion cultures and systems.

At this interactive online workshop, researchers with expertise in fashion and sustainability will guide you through a playful creative process to dream up a short written outline of a sustainable and satisfying parallel fashion world. You can get an idea of the challenge here, and browse fictional worlds written by others here.

Fashion Fictions world-writing workshop: Tuesday 15 December, 2-4pm GMT (Not in the UK? check the time in your time zone)

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be encouraged to submit your outline to the Fashion Fictions repository.

Absolutely loved it – the facilitation was excellent, the design of the exercises and overall format, the timing for working through the fiction creation, all worked brilliantly.

It was real fun creating together this fiction. Thank you so much for inspiring my fashion world.

I’d like to do it again! Much easier to write it during a workshop like this than find time to do it in busy day to day life.

.Previous workshop attendees

Come along if you’re interested in fashion and sustainable futures. Just bring pen and paper – or digital equivalent. No creative writing experience needed!

To book a place, please email Amy:

Please note that places are limited. If I’m unable to accommodate you at the December workshop, I’ll let you know about further dates in 2021.

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