24 January: Activity planning

This hidden page is for at people involved in the Fashion Fictions Organisers Network. Welcome!

Below, you will find some draft resources for planning a Fashion Fictions activity. They will be made available on the main website when we’ve tested and refined them.

If you’re thinking of running an activity using these resources – or need some support to make this happen – please email Amy.

Breakout room guidance: 24 January workshop

You are going to design a Fashion Fictions activity as a group.

You might not actually deliver this activity, but by going through the planning process you’ll become familiar with the possibilities of Fashion Fictions and the resources that are available to help you design your own activity after the session.

5 minutes: Select scenario and allocate roles
  • One person in your group will be the Scenario Holder – i.e someone with an idea of a session they want to plan (e.g. an activity for teenagers, run outside school, over 3 evenings). If your group has more than one potential Scenario Holder, choose which scenario you will work with.
  • Allocate the other roles in the group:
  • Activity Planner: shares their screen to show this webpage and selects options in the activity planning tool (below)
  • Information Holder: takes the lead on referring to the activity information (below)
5 minutes: Understand the scenario
  • Ask questions of the Scenario Holder to get a fuller picture of the people and the setting you are designing your Fashion Fictions activity for.
  • The Scenario Holder can develop/embellish the scenario in response to your questions. The scenario doesn’t have to stay true to an actual group they plan to work with, but it might!
  • You might want to know things like: How old are the participants? How many participants might there be? Where will the activity take place? What are the participants interested in? What are you hoping they will get from participating in the activity?
10 minutes: Stage 1 planning
  • Activity Planner: share screen
  • Information Holder: take the lead on talking through Stage 1 options in the activity information (below)
  • As a group: think through what might work in your scenario and decide on an option
  • Activity Planner: select the chosen option and duration in the activity planning tool
10 minutes: Stage 2 planning
  • Repeat as for Stage 1, looking at the Stage 2 options in the activity information and activity planning tool.
  • Note that there are three elements to a Stage 2 activity, which can be combined together in different ways.
10 minutes: Stage 3 planning
  • Repeat as for Stage 1, looking at the Stage 3 options in the activity information and activity planning tool.
  • Bear in mind that a Stage 3 activity is optional – you might choose to stop at the Stage 2 point.
  • Note that the tool the tool prompts you to consider whether the Stage 3 activity is planned by the participants or by the facilitators.
10 minutes: Reflection planning
  • Repeat as for the three stages, thinking about the reflection activity options.
10 minutes: Review plan

Think through the plan as a group. Here are some prompts to consider:

  • Does it work as a whole?
  • Does it fit in the time?
  • Is it too complex to facilitate?
  • Does it appeal to the proposed participants’ interests?
  • Does anything need to change?
  • Is anything else needed?
When you’re happy with your plan

Please select the text showing your selected options on the activity planning tool, copy it and paste into this googledoc.

Activity planning tool

An interactive tool should appear below; if you encounter problems, you can access it directly.

Activity information

A set of slides should appear below; if you encounter problems, you can access them directly.