Activity planning

This hidden page is for people involved in the Fashion Fictions Organisers Network. Welcome!

Below, you will find some draft resources for planning a Fashion Fictions activity. They will be made available on the main website when we’ve tested and refined them.

If you’re thinking of running an activity using these resources – or need some support to make this happen – please email Amy.

‘How could we’ workshop recording: part 1

On 24 January 2023 we ran a workshop for people who are interested in running their own Fashion Fictions activity, using the resources on this page. In this first part of the workshop (30 minutes), Amy talks through the resources and how they might be used:

Activity planning tool

An interactive tool should appear below; if you encounter problems, you can access it directly.

You can use this tool to explore possible options for a Fashion Fictions activity. Click each area of blue text to cycle through the options; to find more information about each option, refer to the activity information slides further down the page.

Please note that you don’t have to do all three stages, and you don’t have to include all of the Stage 2 elements! You can also adapt and reinvent any of the activities to suit your context – this is a starting point to help you explore the possibilities, rather than a fixed structure.

Activity information

A set of slides should appear below; if you encounter problems, you can access them directly.

These slides match up to the options shown in each section of the activity planning tool, above. They tell you what resources we currently have available for each option, and examples (where available) of them being used.

Alternative approach: use an existing Stage 3 enactment

Another way of running a Fashion Fictions activity is to use a Stage 3 enactment idea that has already been developed. There are a few of these already on the website, with more coming soon.

You can respond to open invitations for enactments happening at particular times (such as the Meet the Mushrooms enactment that started on 18 February) or use a recipe for an enactment and run it whenever suits you. In both cases, there is guidance and support (e.g. printable resources, where needed) available for you to use and adapt.

Submitting outcomes to the website

An additional element to consider is whether you want to submit outcomes generated via your activity to the website. This is an optional extra – we love to receive them, but it does require a bit of extra work on your part. You need to build in time for participants to submit their work, or to secure their consent and then complete the form on their behalf.

All submissions are taken in via Microsoft Forms, which document the submitter’s permission and gathers various bits of information. The forms are set up for Stage 1 and Stage 2 (with a special combined form for activities that generate a Stage 1 world and then create a Stage 2 prototype based on it). If you’re considering submitting outcomes to the website, please take a look through the form in advance, so you can see what it asks for:

There isn’t one set up yet for Stage 3, and the existing forms are only intended for use by adults. Email Amy if you need a Stage 3 form or to discuss an appropriate submission process for children’s work.

Share images

We love to see images of Fashion Fictions activities in progress! They help us to celebrate the diversity of activity happening around the world – but we need to have the appropriate permissions in place. Please follow the link to find guidance on sharing images and a form to submit your images:

Capture impact

We are beginning to develop ways of capturing the impact of participation in Fashion Fictions activities by gathering responses directly from participants. We have created online forms which can be integrated to an activity as an optional extra – if the participants use these forms, we have direct access to their responses.

Option A (simpler) asks participants to answer two questions after the activity:

Option B (more complex) asks participants to complete a short form at the start of the activity, and another at the end:

Please feel free to integrate these questions to your own feedback form or find creative ways to integrate them to your activity, if you prefer! You could then share the responses with us using the activity report form (see below).

Tell us about your activity

If you run a Fashion Fictions activity, whether large or small, we want to hear about it. This information is really valuable to us so we can understand the impact of the project and relay news of this impact to our funders. It also helps us to understand what you have done, inspire others to get involved and develop the support we can offer.

Therefore, if you have completed a Fashion Fictions activity, please fill in this short report form – thank you!

‘How could we’ workshop recording: part 2

After the first part of the workshop (see recording above), the participants split into breakout rooms to plan a possible activity. In part 2 of the recording, you can see them feeding back their ideas and further discussion about possible activities. Many thanks to all who took part!