In addition to the invitation to write a Stage 1 fiction, we are looking for people who are interested in participating in Stage 2 prototyping workshops and Stage 3 ‘everyday dress’ projects that we aim to organise from autumn 2021 onwards. Depending on social distancing rules, these workshops and projects might take place in person or virtually.

We are looking for:

  • individuals and groups of friends interested in clothes, fashion and/or sustainability transitions
  • people with specialist expertise in fashion theory and history
  • fashion/textile practitioners (e.g. designers, makers, stylists, marketers, journalists, researchers)
  • academic fashion and sustainability researchers

To express interest, please email Amy with a little information about yourself.

What to expect

At one of our workshops, participants work collaboratively in a small group over two days to create prototypes to represent a fictional fashion system. Each set of prototypes is based upon one of the 100-word sketches that describe a parallel World.

The group discusses the use and meanings of fashion products and processes in the fictional World and use material and visual resources to bring the world to life. No preparation is required and all materials are supplied.

During the ‘everyday dress’ projects, participants model the experience of living in one of the Worlds, blurring the lines between their everyday life and the shared fiction. These projects may be intensive, taking place over a couple of days, or extended over a number of weeks or months.

As an example: at the pilot workshop, one group created a museum exhibit of historical artefacts for World 1. Another group created the Instagram feed of a fictional company for World 2, and for the follow-on project dressed as if they lived in this World every Thursday, exchanging experiences via an online chat.

The workshop and project looked a little like this:

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