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Fashion Fictions would be nothing without the many contributors who choose to get involved in imagining alternative fashion worlds. Please join us!

Close-up of a person’s hands, holding a marker and writing notes on a large piece of paper. Text in progress reads ‘fashion performs internal truths, not socially …’

Contribute a World

  • Write your own 100-word outline of a fictional fashion World
  • Use our online guide to create and submit a Stage 1 fiction
  • All submitted fictions appear on the Worlds page

Contribute an Exploration

  • Develop your own visual or material prototype to represent life in one of the fictional Worlds
  • Use our online guide to create and submit a Stage 2 prototype
  • All submitted prototypes appear on the Explorations page

Enact a World

  • Browse the Enactment recipes and have a go at bringing a World to life
  • Look out for a mass Enactment of World 45, coming soon!
  • Sign up to the mailing list for updates
Close-up of a person’s hands stitching a piece of paper cut from a dictionary onto a piece of thin brown card using a red thread. The text on the paper includes the terms ‘propaganda’ and ‘propagate’.

Join a workshop

In the past we’ve run online Stage 1 World-writing and Stage 2 prototyping workshops

There aren’t any further workshops planned at present, but if you sign up to the mailing list you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming events.

Use the unsubscribe link in our emails to opt out at any time.

Organise a workshop

We invite people to devise and run their own affiliated Fashion Fictions activities – whether in educational, community or professional contexts – in order to spread the word and diversify contributions to the central Fashion Fictions project.

If you’d like to adapt the Fashion Fictions materials to support participatory speculation activities in spheres other than fashion, please visit the Adapting Fashion Fictions page.

Spread the word

Fashion Fictions thrives on participation: the more people that get involved, the more diverse the ideas we can generate and the stronger we become as a community working for change.

Can you help us spread the word by joining the Fashion Fictions ‘street team’? You’ll receive a set of eight postcards to pass on. Will you hand them directly to friends? Post them on community noticeboards? Sneak them into unexpected locations?

If you’re active on social media, we encourage you to share images of your postcards ‘in the wild’ using the hashtag #FashionFictions.

Requests are very welcome from anywhere in the world! How many people can we reach together?

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