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Fashion Fictions would be nothing without the many contributors who choose to get involved in imagining alternative fashion worlds. Please join us!

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Extending participation

The open ethos of Fashion Fictions means that anyone, anywhere can organise their own Fashion Fictions activities. So far, the invitation to run affiliated workshops and projects has mainly been taken up in university settings, with diverse workshops and projects happening around the world.

We’re now looking to extend participation to a wider range of groups and communities. This work is at an early stage but in the next couple of years we aim to develop a network of people running activities: the Fashion Fictions Organisers Network.

Amy talked about our plans for the network at an online event on 23 November 2022, Fashion Fictions: Living Together in Imagined Worlds. The event also featured contributions from three international guests: Erica de Greef, Jeannine Diego and Sanem Odabaşı.

Learning together

We already have some guides for organisers (e.g. the Stage 1 workshop plan, the Stage 2 workshop plans and Stage 3 recipes), all shared under a Creative Commons licence so they can be used freely and adapted as desired.

However, we recognise that different settings will require different activity formats and that there are many possibilities for Fashion Fictions activities, beyond those that we have documented so far.

We aim to use the network as a space of learning and mutual support where we can explore ideas together, and aim to be able to support activities with funding, where needed.

We have plans for the first phase of this exploration, with opportunities coming up for organisers to discuss, shape and test ideas for activities.

Express interest

To start the network, we are looking for people, anywhere in the world, who can help us bring Fashion Fictions activities to life in different settings:

1) Organisers (or potential organisers!) who are interested in using and adapting our resources to organise their own Fashion Fictions workshop or project.

You might be an experienced facilitator or teacher, or someone without any experience of coordinating an activity of this type. You might be part of an organisation or totally independent. You might have a group in mind to work with, or not.

2) Groups who are interested in taking part in Fashion Fictions activities together, in person or online – perhaps a small informal group of friends, a local guild or enthusiast group, an international network?

There’s no rush to run an activity – it could take place any time over the next couple of years, and your expression of interest can be tentative!

Organise an activity

Keen to run your own Fashion Fictions activity right away?

Check out the Organise an activity page for guidance

Want to adapt the Fashion Fictions materials for spheres other than fashion? Take a look at Adapting Fashion Fictions

Close-up of a person’s hands, holding a marker and writing notes on a large piece of paper. Text in progress reads ‘fashion performs internal truths, not socially …’

Join in as an individual

Contribute a World

  • Write your own 100-word outline of a fictional fashion World
  • Use our online guide to create and submit a Stage 1 fiction
  • All submitted fictions appear on the Worlds page

Contribute an Exploration

  • Develop your own visual or material prototype to represent life in one of the fictional Worlds
  • Use our online guide to create and submit a Stage 2 prototype
  • All submitted prototypes appear on the Explorations page

Enact a World

  • Browse the Enactment recipes – they’re designed to be used by a group but can be adapted for solo exploration
  • Choose one that takes your fancy and have a go at bringing a World to life!
  • Email Amy to let us know about your adventures
Close-up of a person’s hands stitching a piece of paper cut from a dictionary onto a piece of thin brown card using a red thread. The text on the paper includes the terms ‘propaganda’ and ‘propagate’.

Join in via a workshop or coordinated Enactment

Join a Stage 1 or Stage 2 workshop

From time to time we run online Stage 1 World-writing and Stage 2 prototyping workshops.

There aren’t any further workshops planned at present, but if you sign up to the mailing list you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming events.

Join a Stage 3 Enactment

In the coming months we’re going to be running two Stage 3 Enactments as ‘wardrobe challenges’. They’ll be open to anyone, anywhere who wants to take part. In 2023 we’ll also be running some mini Enactments as part of a Fashion Fictions celebration in Nottingham.

The first open Enactment, running in January 2023, is Material Mindfulness. Follow the link below to find out more:

Help us to spread the word

Join the ‘street team’

Fashion Fictions thrives on participation: the more people that get involved, the more diverse the ideas we can generate and the stronger we become as a community working for change.

In September 2022 we launched the Fashion Fictions ‘street team’, inviting people to come forward to distribute a set of eight postcards about the project. Over a hundred sets of postcards were despatched to team members in fifteen countries!

We’ve run out of postcards for now but will be launching a new round of street team action in 2023. Join the mailing list to keep up with street team news!

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