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We invite people to devise and run their own affiliated Fashion Fictions activities in order to spread the word and diversify contributions to the central Fashion Fictions project.

The format for these activities is very flexible: they could incorporate any of the three stages (see About), individually or in combination, and could vary in duration from a short one-off workshop to an extended project.

Activities can build on contributions already gathered on the website, such as existing Worlds, and we welcome outcomes to be fed back into the central Fashion Fictions project.

Here are examples of some affiliated activities:

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Students at the Dubai Institute for Design and Innovation are working on Stages 1 and 2 of Fashion Fictions as their semester’s main project within their third-year fashion lecture module. The students are given 4 weeks for Phase 1 to create their world and 5 weeks for Phase 2 to develop their prototype.

All students are undertaking the second or third year of their B(des) Design degree and are following the Fashion Design concentration and another, either Product Design, Multimedia or Strategic Design Management. Working remotely online in groups of 3-4, the groups are interdisciplinary throughout. During the course, the students have been introduced to the current challenges within the fashion industry and the impacts from a social, ethical, environmental and economic perspective.  Then they have explored alternatives to the prevalent linear fashion system. The students have been taught throughout their courses at DIDI to creatively challenge the status quo so the Fashion Fictions project is the perfect culmination of their theoretical design thinking before they enter their final year.

LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

Students on two second-year BA (Hons) programmes – Fashion Media and Industries (FMI) and Fashion Design and Textiles (FDT) – at LASALLE College of the Arts are working on a Fashion Fictions project that includes Stages 1, 2 and 3 during the 14 week semester.

Students work in groups of up to 4/5 within a research cluster – Future Identities, Fashion Ecologies and Heritage and Luxury – to focus and generate a body of work from a 360° lens questioning the context of fashion today. This project requires students to combine both theoretical knowledge and technical skills within their creative practice while exploring and questioning the global context of fashion. For the framework of this project, the students’ work should consider the geographical region of Southeast Asian territories that share similar particularities, such as: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, in the context of a global fashion system. Students will respond to international fashion trends while addressing the local climatic, socio-cultural, economic and political conditions.

View the 2021 LASALLE projects in Explorations.

Nottingham Trent University, UK

First-year students from the Fashion, Textiles and Knitwear Design department at Nottingham Trent University undertake a short Stage 2 Fashion Fictions project. The project, which spans three 2-hour workshops, is part of a Future Thinking toolkit within a module that aims to develop students’ intellectual curiosity and appreciation of the future as something that can be shaped and questioned.

Working in groups of 4-6, students are given a specified Stage 1 World and asked to create a visual or material prototype to represent everyday life there, presented via 1-5 images and a short written ‘exhibition label’. In the final session these outcomes are shared and discussed with other groups. Students are encouraged to develop their work into a submission for the university’s Sustainability in Practice certificate.

View the 2021 Nottingham Trent University projects in Explorations. A selection of the 2021 NTU Explorations are also featured in Atlas of the Future’s FutureFashionMedia exhibition.

We are happy to have also run workshops in collaboration with Being Human, Fashion Forward and the Centre for Design History at University of Brighton.

Interested in running an activity?

Great! You will need to plan and deliver the workshop or project, drawing on the Fashion Fictions framework, in a way that suits your context. If you are an educator, you will of course devise the activity to fit into your curriculum, timetable, learning outcomes, student needs and so on.

For Stage 1 activities (writing 100-word outlines of fictional Worlds) you may wish to use the online Contribute a World guide and the workshop plans and slides that can be downloaded from the same page. Completed fictions can be submitted via the online form – but please get in touch in advance if your group will generate more then 20 fictions, as we have limited capacity for processing submissions.

For Stage 2 and Stage 3 activities (such as prototyping workshops and ‘everyday dress’ projects), please get in touch for a chat – we may be able to provide some guidance on structure and provide resources such as briefing slides. We will organise a way for your participants to submit their work for display on the website and – if they wish – for use in our research. Depending on numbers, we may be able to process all projects, or request a selection to be submitted.

Please note that the creators of all Stage 1 submissions and any Stage 2/3 submissions that are to be included in the project’s research must apply a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence to their submission, in keeping with the open and collaborative nature of the project. This licence does not restrict the creators’ ability to publish and share their own work, but allows others to build upon it, with appropriate credit.

We are pleased to hear about any affiliated Fashion Fictions activities that you run, whether large or small. If you have completed an activity, please let us know – we will send a link to an online form to gather details to inform both our research and our support for future projects. We can also let you know about a planned online event at which people who have coordinated Fashion Fictions activities will share their experiences.

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