Things to watch and read

Recommended and recent

Watch a short introduction to the Fashion Fictions project (3 mins)

Watch our enactment of the contemplative World 27, in which a group gathered in the woods to tell their clothes’ stories (9 mins)

Read Imagining a Future, an article by Sophie Benson for The Block from May 2023 that includes a short interview with Amy about Fashion Fictions

Watch Fashion Fictions: Unreasonable Dreaming, a conversation hosted by Amy with guests Annebella Pollen and Kate Fletcher, organised as part of the Fashion Fictions World Tour season in Nottingham, 19 April 2023 (1 hour 23 mins)

Read Historical Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion: Inspiration for Change (Bloomsbury, 2023), a book co-authored by Amy; various Fashion Fictions worlds are discussed in Chapter 6: Fashion Systems

Read an interview with Amy about the Fashion Fictions World Tour exhibition in Nottingham magazine Left Lion

Watch Fashion Fictions: Living Together in Imagined Worlds, an online event exploring the project and materials for organisers with guests Jeannine Diego, Erica de Greef and Sanem Odabaşı, 23 November 2022 (1 hour 27 mins)

Read Fashion Fictions: unmaking the mainstream fashion system, a paper presented by Amy at Global Fashion Conference, Akademie Mode & Design, 17-18 November 2022

Watch our film about the enactment of World 54, in which textile production has ceased and people find ways to make the most of what they find around them (4 mins)

Read Dreaming up a new way to dress, an article on Atlas of the Future outlining the Fashion Fictions project (see also articles It’s time to get resourceful, The mushrooms see it all and What stories would our clothes tell?)

Further reading and viewing