World Tour

Fashion Fictions World Tour is an exhibition of Explorations: objects, images and films created to represent an array of fictional parallel worlds.

The exhibition showcases the project and the variety of visions that its contributors have generated. It allows visitors to tour a range of highly diverse worlds that have one thing in common: they all involve more sustainable and satisfying ways of living with our clothes.

Could you host a World Tour?

We’re keen to spread the word about the project and would be very happy to share images and interpretation, ready for printing (as used in the Green Hustle installation – details below), or even printed images or artefacts if you are within the UK – please get in touch with Amy to discuss.

A simpler version of the World Tour could be a display of Stage 1 written fictions (perhaps using our sample presentation format) or ‘what if’ postcards. Don’t forget to tell us about your activity!

World Tour, Nottingham, March–April 2023

The first iteration of the World Tour was installed in shop, office, workshop and cafe windows in the Creative Quarter area of Nottingham. Read an article about it in Nottingham magazine Left Lion.

Trail map

pdf version of trail map



Fashion Fictions founder Amy Twigger Holroyd shared the stories behind the World Tour exhibition trail at two guided tours.

This pop-up workshop enabled visitors to experience life in three fictional fashion worlds – or invent their own.

We dressed up, documented garment stories and explored clothing poetry, as well as dreaming up all-new fashion fictions.

This evening of conversations about the Fashion Fictions project and post-growth fashion worlds (watch recording) featured Fashion Fictions founder Amy Twigger Holroyd and guests Kate Fletcher and Annebella Pollen.

Pop-up World Tour, Green Hustle, Nottingham, June 2023

The second World Tour popped up at Nottingham’s fantastic Green Hustle Festival. The exhibits were created as a series of A1 images, rather than actual artefacts, for easy installation.