The Worlds

The first stage of Fashion Fictions generates outlines of fictional fashion cultures and systems – Worlds – presented via 100-word sketches. These outlines are used in the workshops and ‘everyday dress’ projects: participants will build on, adapt and even reinvent the proposed cultures and systems as they prototype and enact them.

Each outline offers a brief sketch of an alternative fashion culture or system, including an explanation of the historical juncture – genuine or invented – which caused this parallel world to split off from our own. It is accompanied by a ‘what if’ question that summarises the fiction, the underlying issue it addresses, and the inspiration which informed it.

These outlines have been written by a range of contributors, credited by name or anonymously on each World page.

World 8

in which clothing is deeply embedded in enduring subcultural communities

World 7

in which the WWII Utility Clothing Scheme continues to the present day

World 6

in which local councils run free libraries of occasional and formal wear

World 5

in which clothes rationing has led to local distinctiveness

World 4

in which eye-catching fashion statements are constructed from foliage

World 3

in which community laundries are thriving social hubs

World 2

in which chemical dyes have been banned worldwide

World 1

in which the buying and selling of clothing has long been illegal

Reminded of something?

I am keen to hear about any historical or contemporary real-world examples – whether individual practices, subcultures or mainstream activities – that these fictions bring to mind.

Please share any such examples using this form. Thank you!

Have another idea?

Ideas for new Worlds are welcomed! Click here to find out more.

Inspired to explore?

I am looking for people to take part in workshops and ‘everyday dress’ projects exploring these Worlds. To find out more and express interest, click here.

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