Sharing images

Would you like to share images of your Fashion Fictions activity with us?

We love to see images of Fashion Fictions activities in progress! They help us to understand what you have done, celebrate your achievements and inspire others to get involved.

Please note that the guidance on this page applies only to images of activities in progress. To submit images of completed Stage 2 prototypes for the Explorations section of the website, your participants should use the Stage 2 submission form.

Because of time limitations we can’t guarantee that we will share images from every project on the website, but we will try!

To use your images, we need to be sure that we have the appropriate permissions in place.

Please follow the appropriate guidance below:

I’m planning my activity, and want to keep things simple

To keep things simple, ensure that your images do not show people’s faces or any completed creative work. If you do this, you don’t need to go through the process of checking consent with your participants.

When you have your images ready, go straight to the image submission form. You will be asked to confirm your preferences for how the images will be used, and supply any credits needed.

I’m planning my activity, and want to show people’s faces and/or their completed creative work

1. Before your activity

In advance of your activity, choose how you would like your images to be used:

  • on the Fashion Fictions website only
  • on the Fashion Fictions website and in any other project outputs (e.g. presentations, on social media, in books and other publications)

2. When your activity starts

Ensure that the participants in your activity:

  • are aware that you will be taking photos in which they may be identifiable, or in which their completed creative work may appear
  • understand how the images will be used (i.e. the preference you chose in step 1)
  • have the opportunity to confirm whether they are happy to appear (or have their work featured) in the images

It is up to you how to manage this process in a way that suits your setting. For example:

  • For a more formal activity, you might ask participants to complete a consent form (and this could be done in advance, perhaps integrated to an activity registration form).
  • For a more informal activity, you could explain and secure consent verbally.
  • For a drop-in event, you might put up signs to notify participants and give them an opportunity to opt out.
  • For an online event, you could explain verbally and give people chance to turn off their camera if they don’t wish to appear in a screengrab photo.
  • If your activity involves children, you should secure consent from the parents/guardians.

We have created some sample image consent documents which you can adapt to suit your needs:

Note that we will not ask you to share any completed consent forms with us – they are for your use only. Instead, we will simply ask you to confirm that you gained consent from any participants whose faces or completed creative work is shown.

3. After your activity

Review your images and ensure that you include do not include images of people’s faces (or completed creative work) for anyone who did not confirm their consent.

When you’re ready, go to the image submission form.

I have completed my activity, but didn’t check consent at the time

The simple option is to share only images (and/or cropped versions of images) that do not show people’s faces or completed creative work. To do this, follow the instructions for Option A.

If you would like to share images that show people’s faces and/or their completed creative work and are able to contact the participants, you can confirm their consent retrospectively, using the guidance for Option B.