World 23

In World 23, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. The driving message of the Brexit campaign was to reinstate the UK’s status as a world leader in crafts. To engage this change the newly elected Green Party went about changing the school curriculum.

In primary schools, 50% of the time traditionally allocated to Maths is to be replaced by crafts. Students ditch pens and pencils in favour of knitting needles and cross-stitch. This new subject offers pupils the chance to explore their local creative heritage and will also teach children the invaluable nature of craft, leading to a society that places higher value on created goods.

What if …

crafts were a part of the curriculum in the UK?

Issue targeted:

the lack of widespread knowledge of how products are designed and made and further – how to mend


when I was in primary school, I took part in a sewing after school club, I believe this has given me an appreciation for craft and clothing

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

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