World 92

In World 92, an unprecedented rainfall saw a small land mass drift from the European continent. Forgotten and left to their own devices off the coast of Northern Scotland, for 500 years the people educated themselves in the practices of textiles mending and re-designing.

By the time the community was rediscovered they had become experts and upon reentry into the wider world in the 70s, began sharing their innovative practices sparking a huge interest throughout the general population. Within 50 years, textile education reentered the general school curriculum and soon everyone was mending and re-designing pre-existing textiles.

What if …

an increase in textile education encouraged people to mend and re-design?

Issue targeted:

fashion waste and obsolescence


a statistic that showed that in the last 50 years (just two generations) we as a society have lost 90% of textile and mending knowledge leading to huge amounts of waste

This World was contributed by Molly O’Neil (located in Melbourne, Australia) using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence which allows others to share and adapt the work in any medium and for any purpose, providing that they credit the author and share their material using the same Creative Commons licence.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

explorer of Fashion Fictions