World 113

In World 113, rationalization of fabrics has led to the practice of wearing up to four limited sets of clothing according to age groups. Identification of age can be accomplished by using colours. The clothing can be changed every ten years and make it a cycle. Many fashion agencies exist to implement this approach creatively. This design philosophy is based on the belief that quality is over quantity.

This world firmly grasps the value of its traditional heritage, and the traditional hand-stitching skills has been passed down to this day and is widely known. Over time, the longevity of garment will increase its value and heritage. This luxury can not only be worn for ten years, but it can also be modeled in multiple different ways to show the quality of the fabric. The goal is aim to maintain trends and control over-consumption by choosing quality over quantity.

What if …

the world perception of time is different?

Issue targeted:

The practice is a response to the problem of keeping the trend yet not causing overconsumption.



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