World 11

“We have enough clothing on the planet, right now, to clothe the next 6 generations of the human race.” – Patrick Grant.

Consequently, commercial clothes production has ceased worldwide in World 11. Dressing ‘by chance’ has become a dominant trend. Three dice are thrown to decide key features of an outfit, indicating one item that must be worn (eg. shorts), one colour or pattern that must be featured, and one other aspect that must be included (eg. something borrowed, mended, secondhand, homemade, repurposed etc). Daily outfits are chosen on this basis from existing wardrobes and the resulting looks willingly shared and generously reviewed.

What if …

commercial clothes production ceased altogether?

Issue targeted:



self-styling approach of thrifty shoppers and home crafters; late 1980s/early 90s indie culture

This World was contributed by Sally Cooke (located in Leeds, UK) using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence which allows others to share and adapt the work in any medium and for any purpose, providing that they credit the author and share their material using the same Creative Commons licence.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

explorer of Fashion Fictions