World 75

In my imaginary world (World 75), flowers and even all colored plants can be extracted to decorate the human body, and humans have also evolved to the point where they can absorb natural pigments, and these colors are injected under the skin. In the blood vessels of human beings, a natural protective film is created on the outside of the body through human conditions, which is thin and transparent. With this protective film, you don’t need to wear clothes in summer, and the color of the blood vessels is the decoration.

What if …

If this world exists in parallel time and space, then everyone there will have many sets of different blood vessel skins. The residents living there are keen to grow plants of various colors and have unique techniques to extract these colors, just like making various plant pigments.

You can inject the color you want to appear in your blood vessels according to your mood and personal preference. It can be a single color or a mixed color. Whenever it is injected, the skin naturally presents a crystal clear state, forming a natural skin armor. In the summer, you can show your personality by taking to the streets without dressing.

The fuel extracted by plants is first of all pure natural, and the dye can be sucked out by the machine at night, and it is still clean and full of vitality. This is the purely natural liquid that can be discarded, because it is not a chemical product, so it can continue to irrigate flowers and farmland, and even be stored and recycled.


The natural dyeing technique during the Second World War (World 28) is the starting point of the story. In that era of turmoil and immature technology, the existence of natural dyeing was also a pursuit of beauty by mankind at that time. Through this vein, I naturally thought that when I was young, my grandma would pick off the red flowers in front of the house, rub them in the palm of her hand, and put them on my nails one by one. Flowers of red. Then I will happily raise my hand and show off with my friends, I feel very beautiful.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

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