World 116

In World 116, a unisex jumpsuit as a default clothing option ensures that there is a minimal spend of water and chemical dyes per unit of clothing and also ensures less clothing is disposed too quickly. Instead of the regular process of manufacturing clothes, we can use fluid carbon at a super critical temperature to eradicate the use of chemicals and water while ensuring that a dyeing process is done twice as quickly. The time period in early 2020 means that the alternate economy consists of Gen Z and Y individuals who as we know are the most promising people of change and with the power of media that we hold today, this alternative economy should be able to unite after movements and overthrow the mainstream fashion industry.

The standardized jumpsuit will be revised on a yearly basis and each year the most prominent change will be the primary color of the suit ensuring that individuals are not restricted. This color change will be decided through a town vote ensuring that there is still variety amongst towns. This will also open up the creative side of individuals who will try to stylize their jumpsuit in slightly different ways to achieve individuality. In order to condone this, accessorizing will also be promoted.

What if …

a unisex jumpsuit is the default clothing option?


the overuse of water in manufacturing clothes


It is located in megacities and this can be further divided into towns and smaller cities. These are the most populous places in the world currently and having a change in such places ensures that the change is more impactful.

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