World 118

In World 118, due to a mutation of jellyfish into parasitic tree pests, a global die-off of flora is occurring. The origins of this culture can be traced back to two college students flinging the pests at a wall, creating the first mesoglea fabric, in early 2020.

The natural adaptations unique to each biome allowed a variety of uses, including lightweight body armour. Each country has its unique style linked to the variation found there.

Mesoglea has increased its usages not only for fabric but also for stuffing as well, leading to a return of the Victorian body padding. For now, humans are the only species finding a use for the pest as no natural predators have evolved yet. However, as some biomes are more difficult to manage than others, mass extinction in rainforest and mountain regions occur.

What if …

mesoglea was used for fabric?


overpopulation of fauna species creating monocultures


jellyfish populations and lack of utilisation of natural animal products

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

explorer of Fashion Fictions