World 147

It’s 2019 in World 147 we are running out of landfill space, countries are not accepting waste. So worldwide every household is given a quota for landfill waste. This quota covers food and packaging waste so people are unable to dispose of garments.

There is a centralised recycling of garments. Unwanted garments are collected as part of household recycling, cleaned and sorted. Useable garments are given away free in high street ‘stores’. Unusable ones are recycled as compost, paper, insulation and fabric.

Designers and the fashion industry only use recycled or reclaimed materials which are then sold as new garments.

What if …

there was centralised recycling of garments?


garment waste and the globalisation of landfill disposal


Gustav Sandin and Greg M. Peters (2018),
Environmental impact of textile reuse and recycling – A review,’ Journal of Cleaner Production, 184, pp. 353-365.

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