World 179


I have no faith, but I do believe in God. Whether it’s an existing myth and religion, or something we can’t understand. But I believe they will come one day.

Now, we can only picture them in our minds through our short-term cognition: the bronze figures in Sanxingdui, the frescoes in Egypt, the descriptions in the Bible. But they all share some of the same characteristics: wearing a robe of power and carrying a staff. They have big eyes or non-human heads, they are strong and intelligent. They bring not equality and liberation, but fear, domination and labor. Just as it has always been in human society. They use food to fill people with faith in them and feed themselves by drawing strength and tribute from their “faith”.

Were humans created to resemble them? I don’t think so. The human form is more suited to labor and value creation than God. Whether it is the appearance of a creature or the proliferation of fashion, there is one topic: get food and money, and then live. And what God needs to do is get people to believe in them and worship them. Therefore, the appearance of God should be good at thinking, and the clothing of God should be blind to work and action.

What if …

a higher intelligence came to Earth?


In Chinese culture, it has always been believed that the more intelligent and technological people are, the closer they will be to nature. So I’m curious, what kind of technology and lifestyle will intelligent beings bring?


Religion, legend, science fiction such as Cthulhu and Sanxingdui culture.

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