World 153, Exploration A

Composite, half flower and half woman’s face.

In World 153, everyone is infected with a disease due to the outbreak of a pandemic. This resulted in people having x-ray vision where they can now only see the world in greyscale.

Focused on the idea of split reality, the images explore the blurred lines between what is perceived to be true and what is, in fact, false.

XREISM is a brand project centred on exposing fake news and shedding light on the lack of transparency in both the media and the fashion industry.

“Define your truth” – We encourage consumers to be critical in information received; to challenge news presented and to discern what truth means to them.

This Exploration was contributed by Eunice Thor Yan Ni, Crystal Lim Zhi Ying, Geolin Tan Yu Ping, Oh Jing Rou and Im Yebin (located in Singapore and South Korea), developed from a World contributed by this group, using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence which allows others to share and adapt the work in any medium and for any purpose, providing that they credit the authors and share their material using the same Creative Commons licence.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

explorer of Fashion Fictions