World 165, Exploration A

Female fashion model in a striking garment.

In World 165, the global pandemic lasted for 30 years. The pandemic caused crashing economies and environmental destruction which got the better of the planet creating the dystopia people struggle with. Therefore, when the pandemic finally came to an end, everyone desired improvements and innovations for an optimistic future. Issues targeted are fast fashion, an unhealthy environment and waste.

The brand The New Analog, TNA for short, was created to solve problems that the fashion industry has caused to the world such as overconsumption, waste and fast-changing trends. The brand operates on a circular and slow-fashion system. Through our conscious production methods, we aim to delete the negative impacts on the environment and create a better future. We operate as a circular system where we focus on high longevity, resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability, and recyclability. We wish to extend the lifespan of the garments to reduce waste. To achieve this we invest in cutting-edge, sophisticated technologies and develop our collection with a blockchain system.

This Exploration was contributed by Brigitta Viannie Djakarya, Corinne Janita, Yoon Jin Y, Anindita Choudhury, Peh Wu Li and Varsha Venkatesan (located in Singapore, Indonesia and India), developed from a World contributed by this group, using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence which allows others to share and adapt the work in any medium and for any purpose, providing that they credit the authors and share their material using the same Creative Commons licence.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

explorer of Fashion Fictions