World 36, Exploration E

A printed family fashion memorabilia album.

A printed family fashion memorabilia from 2200 in World 36. A printed family fashion memorabilia from 2200. Printed and placed in a safety vault at the family ‘Menders’ storehouse to protect from digital theft and deletion. Each element represents different aspects of a person’s life. Each piece bears the stories from the life of the family member who wore it before.

In this piece, the series of coloured stitching on the front left body panel shows the patron’s interests. The ornamental stitching on the hip line does the industry/ profession. The left arm stitched rosettes or flowers are specifically feminine representations for young women entering adolescence and are typically assigned in 15-year increments. Families chose colours of rosettes for all the women; red is most famous for this element. Black lace crochet panel on shoulder both in the pattern of stitching (this has a guide attached) symbols of remembrance for family, placement shows a grandparent or great-grandparent passing. This example of a plain and standard jacket form is typical for wearers in World 36 when creating a new piece or beginning a heritage piece.

This Exploration was contributed by Mona Lisa Thakur and Scatha G Allison (located in India and the USA), developed from a World contributed by Sara E. Bernat, using a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence which allows others to share and adapt the work in any medium and for any purpose, providing that they credit the authors and share their material using the same Creative Commons licence.

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Published by Amy Twigger Holroyd

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